Meet Dusty


Meet Dusty.


Dusty is a sweet, 7 year-old Labrador mix who enjoys sleeping, affection, looking out the window, and of course, treats. About a month ago, Dusty’s owner brought him to us because he had blood in his urine. Although Dusty wasn’t showing any signs of straining to urinate or increased urination, we performed a urinalysis and found that he had a urinary tract infection. Dusty was given some antibiotics.

However, a few weeks went by, and Dusty still had blood in his urine. Dr. Levy decided to take an x-ray to rule out bladder stones, which can be common in dogs with urinary problems. Through the x-ray, we found Dusty did, in fact, have a large bladder stone. At that time, Dr. Levy gave Dusty’s owners a couple options: attempt to dissolve the stone with a special diet, or surgically remove the stone. They chose to do the surgical procedure. The surgery was successful, and the stone was removed.

Dusty Snelling 004

Once a bladder stone is removed, we send it to a lab for analysis. Depending on the size and kind of stone, a change in diet could reduce the chance of developing more stones. This was the case with Dusty; he’ll be put on a new diet to help dissolve any crystals or stones that may appear in the future.

Dusty is recovering well. We recently saw him for his suture removal and everything is healing nicely. Because of his new diet, he didn’t get to have any treats at this visit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still spoil him with love and belly rubs when he comes to see us again!
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